Video Interview: Dr. Ruby Payne on Communities and Children in Poverty

Posted by Dr. C.J. Huff on March 15, 2018

A legend in the field of education, Dr. Ruby Payne has done tremendous work in improving the lives of children and communities in poverty. In this brief video interview, Dr. Payne shares personal stories and offers insights to superintendents, teachers, and community members on breaking the cycle of poverty.

“Over half the children in public schools do not escape poverty.”

To tackle a dilemma as vast as poverty, more specifically children in poverty, a community must be willing to come together. In this interview, Dr. Payne explains that a thriving community is the byproduct of collaboration between individuals and institutions. After visiting with Dr. Payne several times, I have come to know that she is an expert on community engagement and creating support for children in poverty. In this interview, she shares her experiences with community organizations, like Bright Futures, that have a goal of creating more healthy communities. 

“For a community to be able to work together, there has to be enough common cause.”

With the lack of shared experiences between wealth classes, what commonality can unite a community? In this video we uncover the answer: children. 

Watch the full video for more insights from Dr. Ruby Payne on how communities engage and face the challenges of poverty. 

Topics: Community Development, Breaking the Poverty Cycle, Community Engagement