The Connection Between Building Resilient Communities and Finding Inner-Peace

Posted by Dr. C.J. Huff on August 31, 2017


I was recently a guest on Chris Shea's podcast, "On Finding Peace". Our conversation covered topics that many in my circles are very passionate about, and I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to listen in and hear another valuable perspective.

In this podcast, we discuss triumph from tragedy after the only F5 tornado on record ravaged our small town of Joplin, Missouri. We also discuss the resilience needed to overcome adversity and tips for leading neighborhoods and communities through anxiety and toward health and prosperity.


If you are passionate about building resilient communities, click here to listen in on the conversation.

Chris asked me some difficult questions and the result is an insightful discussion I think you will appreciate. We discussed:

  • Who needs to get involved for communities to start making real changes
  • What is hindering unity and community engagement
  • Why communities have to be willing to evaluate themselves from within
  • When it is time to move beyond discussion and into action
  • How important it is that we consider and involve the next generation

Click to Listen - On Finding Peace, Chris Shea's Podcast

CLICK HERE to listen to this episode about the connection of healthy communities to individual inner-peace with my friend, Dr. Chris Shea.

More about Chris Shea:

More about Chris SheaChris Shea is a certified addiction counselor and life coach with degrees from St. Hyacinth College-Seminary and the Washington Theological Union in DC. He serves as the Director of Campus Ministry at a local Maryland high school and is an adjunct professor at Towson University and McDaniel College's Graduate School of Counseling. Visit Chris' site.

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Topics: Community Development, Community Engagement, Community Resilience